Current System

Programming Dashboard


Projects are organized in a relational database that appears in an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard with various functional modules. The Search Module provides quick access to project information and program management tools. Projects are searchable by agency, project number, map, or other keywords.




The DOT Dashboard organizes projects by funding program which ensures compatibility with State and Federal programs and databases. From the Funding Module program managers have critical programming information at their fingertips, such as program year, project phase, authorization deadlines, CTC agenda deadlines, authorization dates, and timely use of funds deadlines. Additionally, this module let’s program managers set up email and banner deadline alerts.




The Schedule Module ensures prompt and precise project delivery. Program managers can track what work needs to be performed, what resources are necessary to perform the work, and the time frame in which the work needs to be performed. The organization tool creates transparency with clients by informing both the program manager and client on the overall project status.




The Report Module can run three reports: Funding Summary, Funding Program Summaries by Fiscal Year, and Obligation/Authorization Tracking Summary. Reports provide a clear outline of project funding.




Program managers can ensure payments are made in a timely manner with the Invoice Module. Prompt invoices can be sent directly to clients. Efficiently managing project service dates, costs, and billing creates a professional and reliable relationship with clients. Invoices are categorized by funding type, program year, phase, and program amount.




RFAs, E-76, Finance Letters, MOUs, Contracts, Agreements, Plans, and Designs can be uploaded to the database using the Document Library Module. Documents can be uploaded, edited, and downloaded.