Project Delivery

Our approach to project delivery begins with a thorough understanding of the value of money and the project. We believe every private and public dollar should be spent efficiently on the most prudent investments. Like most management challenges, transportation projects have physical and social components that require attention. Embracing the Federal and State funding programs, Green DOT has developed tools, skills, and relationships to manage projects effectively. We deliver projects for agencies and Tribal governments that are short staffed as well as for projects that are in distress.

Program Management

Green DOT Intelligent Program Management is a  web-based software interface that helps regional agencies, cities and counties, program and manage transportation projects. Utilizing your existing database, our development team programs a web-based solution to bring your agency into a new paradigm of efficient program management. We give managers the tools they need to track submittal deadlines, maintain organized project files, and coordinate with multiple stakeholders. Our software also provides agencies with a solution to integrate invoices and claims directly with the appropriate fund types. Our simplistic design with robust support can be customized to meet your specific software needs.

Project Development

We understand the end goal of a project is finishing construction. With this in mind, Green DOT assists tribes, regional and local agencies develop projects that are feasible and will compete well in funding programs.

Transportation Planning

Green DOT offers transportation planning services to regional and local agencies in California. We facilitate stakeholder input, develop innovative transportation solutions, and integrate bicycle, pedestrian, and transit projects with the traditional auto-centric system. Our progressive approach is evident in the projects we work on, including multi-modal transportation plans, regional transportation plans, bike plans, community-based transportation plans, and safe routes to school plans.